Anatomy of comics : famous originals of narrative art

Auteur : Damien Macdonald
Editeur : Flammarion
Date de parution : 15/06/2022
EAN/ISBN : 9782080281876
Format : 22 x 16
Nombre de pages : 243
Thématique : Art - Peinture et arts graphiques

Adhérent : Flammarion

Présentation Electre

This international history of the art of comics includes classics from Richard F. Outcault in 1896 all the way to the turn of our century, with masters such as Chris Ware. Populated by meta-humans, hybrids, and superheroes, these works of art present parallel worlds that continue to fascinate generations.

A critical reference, this book spans all styles and is a celebration of the motley crew of characters who have accompanied fans from their first forays into reading, through adolescence, and on into adulthood - spandex-wrapped heroes with impossible muscles, hard-boiled detectives in fedoras, emancipated vamps, space-opera acrobats in chain-mail underpants, postmodern zombies, cute puppies, and underground freaks. Featuring significant American and European artists, this wide-ranging retrospective decodes the symbolism and artistry of a richly creative form of storytelling.

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